Mystery Of The Book Of Revelation Chapter 5 (part 2)

This is the continuation of Mystery of the Book of Revelation Chapter 5 

 Now UNDER the Earth is talking about the lower division of the Earth, a lesser vibration, Which is the GRAVE. The realm where disembodied souls of men dwell, now there’s a man in Heaven, a man on the Earth and under the Earth. Heaven is a location, but not a physical location, a location that’s flowing alongside the earth realm, but in a higher vibration or existence in a way that it cannot be seen or touched, but can be experienced in the soul. This is how the spiritual realm is, now a man in Heaven is talking about men who bear the SEAL of Heaven.

 Dating from Moses and all the men who knew God, men on the Earth reveals men who had no walk with God, Living naturally! Alienated from the Civilisation of Heaven, now these are souls of men in diverse dimensions,  and those under the Earth reveals even the souls of dead men, none of these categories could qualify, and John began to cry. Now see, this particular vision is NOT futuristic, no! It is not a prediction, but a Revelation of what was happening with spirits when Salvation was needed for mankind and no man qualified. If you study it well, you’ll see it, as we go on, I’ll show you.

 Now as he cried, one of the elders met him and told him that they found one who was found worthy to break the seven seal sand look upon the book and read it. As we go on we shall know what the seven scrolls symbolize and what was written on the book, Now they found a man from Judah on the Earth who qualified to break the seven seal sand look into the book to read it.

They found someone who could bring into manifestation, the Ordination of the One who sat on the throne. He had a Jewish descent. Now if you watch the words of the elders carefully, you’ll see, “HAS PREVAILED” Good! So John was seeing what was already done. Already done in Heaven as a result of a work done on the Earth, I’ll show us. Now immediately, something happened! Another scene rolled in, now John saw in the midst of the throne, a lamb, The Lamb had seven horns and seven eyes. Now Paul told us what these meant. He said again, that it was the Sevenfold Spirits of God. He gave us the meaning of this one Himself, the number SEVEN is a divine number.

 Now John looked at the Lamb and realised that it had been slain, John the Baptist referred to Jesus as the Lamb of God, so this was practically talking about Jesus. The lamb of God who came to take away the sins of the world, now connect your dots. This vision happened years after Jesus had been crucified John was shown how that the Sacrifice had an entrance already! In the Kingdom, it already opened up away in Heaven. Now the book in the right hand of the One who sat on the throne signifies the Original ordination for mankind. This book was written for mankind by the One who sat on the Throne but since man fell, no man has manifested that ordination! It was SEALED and had been sealed since the beginning of the world. Now the seven seals are not talking about a number, no! but that it will take a DIVINE action according to DIVINE rules and strategies to be able to manifest that ordination and so it had to take Sacrifice for that to happen.

According to the Divine strategy to open that book, a man without sin had to be slain for the whole of mankind. Which gave birth to God preparing a body for himself in a man called Jesus Hope we’re seeing this? Now, this was a redemptive approach, hope we know? If man hadn’t fallen, there would be no need for all of those conditions and parameters for his REDEMPTION but he followed his own schemes and not his Original design And you cannot follow your own design and manifest God’s design, NO WAY! And so it was SEALED.

 So no man had at any time manifested that Original design before the Salvation approach came on board, if as a believer you are following your own pathway and ambitions and don’t care of what He who sits on the Throne has designed for you, then it will be SEALED. Until you subscribe to the terms and conditions set to break the seals over your scroll and part of those terms and conditions are DEALINGS and TESTS, it is not prayer and fasting.

What I’m revealing to you now are INFALLIBLE heavenly systems, so even if you believe it or not, it doesn’t change anything. This is the way! Which is why you have prayed and fasted and do all you can do, go where you can go and NOTHING is manifested in your scroll because you’re wasting your time If you don’t meet the terms and conditions that have been set by Heaven to break the seal over your scroll, nothing will be manifested.

So now John in his vision was seeing the impact of the sacrificial work of the slain lamb on the Earth right in Heaven, it opened away, it had a speaking, a voice, an entrance. Now in that vision, He saw the Lamb come to take the book out of God’s right hand. This signified that he qualified to break the seal and manifest the Ordination of God for mankind and so we see that it is those who are in Christ that are NEW creations. These ones are the ones manifesting the original design of the Father since the world began.

 The sacrifice of Jesus the lamb opened the way for all MANKIND to be restored to their Original place in God but it’s those who have faith in His Works and in Him that will gain the entrance that has been made already available to them. So this was what John was seeing, heavenly consequence or version of what took place on the Earth when the Lamb’s Blood was spilled for mankind, he was seeing in a vision what took place in the Kingdom and how that the sacrifice has given mankind a LEGAL entrance and a right to manifest his Original design.

To be continued

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