Mystery of the Book of Revelation Chapter 5 ( part 3)

This is the continuation of Mystery of the Book of Revelation Chapter 5 (2)

Last class, we revealed what eyes signify in visions if you were following. Now we see another thing called HORNS, horns in visions signify territorial Authority. So when you see a beast with a horn, it doesn’t mean it’s EVIL, no! It means that the spirit has gained territorial Authority. Even the Lamb of God had a horn in that vision, so if you already believe seeing a beast with a horn is evil. It means you’ll see this same vision John saw and call it DEMONIC because of lack of understanding.

This is what many believers think! So after this Lamb was slain, it became worthy. He now had Authority to break the seal which is the seven horns. The conditions Heaven attached toman’s restoration to his Original design was SACRIFICE, the sacrifice of a man who had no sin and Jesus qualified, not even Moses and all Godly men qualified, so after eons of time, the condition was met, when Jesus was born and was crucified and it was even God Himself that made it possible. Else man would have been forever doomed! This is why those outside Christ WILL perish.

 Salvation and redemption lie ONLY in Christ, in no other, but Him because He was the one who was worthy by Heavenly terms and conditions. Now when he took the book, praise broke out in the Kingdom. Why? Because, FINALLY, the Original ordination of the Father will gain expression on the Earth and man will now vibrate and align with His MAKER, in Jewish culture when celebrations occur, they play harps and stringed instruments. So it was presented in that same likeness in this vision.

 Remember we said visions are presented in Earthly simulations, so there’s no harp or violin in Heaven. Hope that has been settled within our hearts? What it means is that JOY broke out in Heaven now it also said, golden vials FULL of odours. And John told us what it meant, he said it is the prayer of the saints, it rises as odours stored in GOLDEN vials. Now these prayers of men of God had been stored.

 They made this prayer times before Jesus was born and the prayer was targeted to the Salvation of men, yes! But their prayer had no form or platform for EXPRESSION yet the platform came when the lamb was crucified, then those prayers could be answered. Now we also see that they sang a NEW song. A reality that has never opened before, since the world began, is now opened, so every BEING in Heaven now vibrates a NEW instruction or ORDER, a new vibration. That’s what it means by singing a NEW song, now every being in Heaven will work towards the Kingdom of the Lamb and His People, Now look at what they said, you’ll see that it was talking about the redemption of mankind of the entire kindred of the Earth, not a particular race, no! But the entire mankind and how that the sacrifice of the Lamb had brought redemption at last! You’ll see it in verse 9.

Now verse 10 contains something striking, He said we are now KINGS and PRIESTS and we shall reign where? Reign in Heaven with rapture? No! But the Earth, thereby fulfilling what was said in the GENESIS So what God said about the man in the GENESIS, is now only to be fulfilled by those in Christ Replenish the Earth,  be fruitful and multiply. The Earth is our home and will ALWAYS be. Now John said he heard every voice in Heaven proclaiming the Lordship of the Lamb who is the Christ.

The theme of kingdom affairs is now with the Lamb. It was here the Lamb became the ADMINISTRATION of Father’s Design and Kingdom. He became the CENTER Himself of everything the Father has designed for mankind, remember Paul talked about Jesus higher than angels, has a more glorious identity than angels. It was what happened in John’s vision.  All angels now pay homage to the Government of the Christ,  a new Government that rose in the Kingdom, towards men, everything man needs as originally designed for him, is found right in the Government of Christ, it is engaging that government that is a huge problem to many believers. We each have an inheritance in that Government, we belong by Faith so now every being in Heaven vibrates in accordance and in alignment with the Christ.

All that is in the Kingdom right now is CHRIST and Him EXALTED in verse 11 and 12, you’ll see what I’m saying, now why did john say there were thousands upon ten thousands? It’s because spirits cannot be qualified by number, it’s just like saying time is forever and forever. Time is an endless loop that will never end, we have three dimensions of time. The WAS, IS, and TO COME, right now, you’re in the IS, we’ve experienced the WAS, We have the TO COME.

 Now when you reach the TO COME, the TO COME becomes the IS, haha And there’s another TO COME so it’s an endless loop never ENDS. Men will die and go and many halls of fame and honour will rise, but time will continue Legacies will rise and be buried, but time will continue as long as the Earth remains, time will continue. So long the Earth is not destroyed, and there’s no plan at all of destroying the Earth. 

To be continued

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