Mystery of the Book of Revelation Chapter 5 ( part 4 )

This is the continuation of Mystery of the Book of Revelation Chapter 5 (3)

God doesn’t change ordination, no! He’s called UNCHANGEABLE cannot be shaken so if you want to know God’s eternal plan for the Earth, it’s in Genesis it has never changed and will not change Verse twelve reveals the SEVEN SEALS. Look at it. Power, riches, wisdom, strength, honour, glory, and blessing. Do you see it? These seven seals that were broken over the Ordination of God for mankind. It contains the original design God had for mankind. Look at it again these are the writings of the book and what is expected of the man in Christ to manifest. So now we have seen what we’re to manifest the sevenfold writings of our Original ordination and these writings can ONLY manifest in Christ a time will come, I’ll teach us on those seven seals and how to engage them practically as an individual inheritance and a body inheritance. When Paul talked about our inheritance in Christ, he was talking about the SEVEN seals. Now for us to understand this and practically engage them, I’ll have to teach it individually So you know Heaven is not joking, it’s reality! Now it’s no longer a seal, it is now available to be engaged.

These were the writings of that book in His Hand Power, riches, wisdom, strength, honour, glory, and blessing  It was SEALED But in Christ, it is broken And those in Him now have access but having access doesn’t mean engagement, no! We now have to know how to engage those realities of that book we’ve covered chapter 5 already, I hope we followed through? I was very excited to teach this because it’s very important for the believers, they need to know our inheritance by ordination.

 Now, are there questions concerning what is taught today? Okay, I’m glad we followed true, that is the most important thing. I acknowledge that you explained the meaning of instruments in visions and appreciate the understanding… but I still have a concern of children who say they visited heaven and we’re playing harps and guitars while their mom reading a book in the library still in heaven oo. Seeing a vision of musical instruments means ALIGNMENT in vibration and harmony.

What is the use of instruments? Is it not to provide harmonious music and vibrations? I read a book where all this had been written…these two boys could interact with Jesus, go to heaven and play instruments, go to help and come back, etc… seeing a vision of a relation bringing you up in the way of the Lord is not actually that person’s dead soul. It’s the function of the cloud, all these were visions, Visions are connotative in presentation and it literally means that the soul of these kids vibrates in harmony with that of the Kingdom. This is why they had Trances of playing musical instruments They have the same heart with Jesus Vibrating in pure harmony! Please understand this And I’m not stuffing this into our head, no! We can still choose not to accept it, okay I’ve done my own part.

Are the living creatures (beast) John saw are they different from the ones Ezekiel saw because it says the ones Ezekiel saw had four wings while the ones John saw had 6 wings but they had the same faces, now according to context, the wings signify different things. So if we look or do a series on the visions of Ezekiel, we will know why they had four in his own vision. This is why you shouldn’t take visions literally! If it was one of us that had a vision and saw four wings on the beast and another saw six wings. Confusion will arise. They always signify an earthy reality, someone that doesn’t understand the working of visions will now come and say. “Ermm, there are beasts in Heaven and they have six wings, Kai” Then after a week, another has a vision and sees the same beasts with four wings, and announces it and everyone’s like,” who’s saying the truth now” ‍ They’re both saying the truth! But you’re confused because you don’t know the working of visions and you take it literally. They always signify something next time, we will visit Ezekiel’s vision and know what those four wings represent.

 The cry of the beasts that John saw (Holy holy holy) is kind of the same with the cry of the Seraphims Isaiah saw, Is there any relationship between the two of them? I mean the Seraphims and the living creatures. The Seraphs work closely with the living creatures who are the cherubim. These are things we shall look into, but not now, we’re still in the beginning stages when it’s time I’ll show you how it works so that’s the end of today’s lecture. 

End of Revelation chapter 5

See you tomorrow.

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