Mystery of the Book Revelation Chapter 4 ( part 3)

This is the continuation of Mystery of the Book Revelation Chapter 4 ( part 2)

They had crowns of gold. Do spirits have skulls? No! So a crown signifies ROYALTY. It means those cadre of spirits are ROYALTY. Gold is an earthly reality, right? So it signifies WEALTH. So these spirits are not mere spirits, they’re high ranking entities who have their Government proceeding from the Ruler Himself. So they’re board room beings! This is why I call them senate spirits, they even have a throne, a government Lightning, thundering and voices are earthly things So this speaks of the Government of God having a direct impact on the Earth. Now John saw seven lamps. Is there a fire in the Kingdom of spirits? ‍So where do we get “Holy ghost fire “from? See, John even gave us the meaning of those seven lamps. He said, “Which are the seven Spirits of God” So you see?? Earthly property explaining spiritual realities.

Now does it mean the Holy Spirit is seven in number? ‍ What did I tell us seven mean?? Seven means PERFECTION, now if you look at the “s” you realize it is capitalized, right? So it’s talking about ONE Spirit but the PERFECT folds of that Spirit, now this means that the Holy Spirit proceeds and speaks what is of God’s Government and he communicates it PERFECTLY. The lamps proceeded from the Throne. Did you see that?

So it means, anything God wants to achieve in the world of men, it is carried out by His Spirit by the arm of flesh shall no man prevail, but by the Spirit. You cannot manifest the Civilisation of God by your strength, but by His Spirit who will perfectly express it because He knows the depths of God and His Mind. So what John saw there was the Holy Spirit, in simple terms, you see that the Spirit didn’t have a throne, did you see it? Haha. He was not a separate entity, no! Why? Because He’s a messenger, who doesn’t speak of Himself. He’s the PERFECT expresser and expression of anything of God.

 This was why it proceeded directly from the throne, Jesus told us more about Him. He said, “He will take of what is mine and shew to you” So He has nothing of His own, In fact, He is God Himself, in another display God, the Express, don’t want to dwell much there. Light gives expression, now John also saw a sea made of glass, wow! We talked about this one yesterday, right?

In this chapter, John didn’t give thought to it, he just mentioned that he saw something like that, now John saw something again. He realized that in the midst of the Throne and around the throne, were four living creatures full of eyes in front and back, kai! Now this one is scary, imagine seeing a vision of a beast or creature with eyes everywhere, you will shout FIRE in capital letters! And speak in tongues in CAP LOCKS! You’ll call it a devil from your ancestry.

 This is proof that we don’t judge spirits by the appearance they take, no! They take such a scary appearance to explain something. And to reveal who they are and what they are in the spiritual realm so they have to combine and borrow earthly things so you can understand them. But the combination is now messed up, you end up getting scared, now are spirits creatures? I mean animals? Do spirits have eye sockets? Good! The earthly property now, John looked and realized that the first creature was like a lion Now is there a zoo in Heaven? The first creature was like a lion, with eyes everywhere oo. Not just a Lion that you know, a lion with eyes both around, and within Imagine, John must have been like, “What is the name of Moses’ grave is this?” Now those appearances is a communication, Now you know what we call cherubs? Let’s not enter there now. We’ll reach there in the course of our series.

 Now Lion signifies something, Jesus was called Lion of the tribe of Judah, doesn’t mean baba is a lion that’s a metaphor. Now this Lion creature, one of the four, signifies TERRITORIAL DOMINANCE, so that creature is revealing how that the Government of God is territorial in display and how His Government rules every other government in the Territory. It has the inherent quality to RULE. The second looked like a calf, other translations said Ox and in the Jewish culture, they’re used for working on the farm so it means that the Government of God employs workmanship from men and other spirit creatures and for that Kingdom to be established, those of the Kingdom MUST work, that’s what it means, these are Kingdom systems revealed here.

To Be Continued 

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