Mystery of the book of Revelation Chapter 6 ( part 3)

This is the continuation of the Mystery of the book of Revelation Chapter 6 ( part 2) 

We that know His ways understand this and just sleep in the boat, haha, I sleep in the boat even amidst the great waves! Now in verse 6, we see a simulation of what the black horse is designed to do, It’s towards financial debris, Financial waste. Now another scene unfolded before him and he saw a pale horse whose name was DEATH and HELL followed him. Now if we didn’t already talk about hell, you would have misunderstood this one. Hell is the Civilisation of darkness, so this one, Darkness is used as a tool, HELL followed him.

 Now this one has a very wide kill range or destruction range, hunger and famine is part of it, that is natural disasters, Now we also see, “And with the beasts of the Earth” this is talking about animal-borne diseases like Ebola, now this is where Coronavirus falls into, the kill range is global Millions of people are dead, no human explanation for it. Many are saying the Chinese created it, but it’s false, the Chinese were only used as a tool to see, you won’t know these things except you know the source, haha, which is why many believers listen to lies from the media. We know where to get the news from! There alone they just want to defame China, that’s all, a cold war between the US and China that has been for centuries, so they call it a Chinese virus but we know the source, haha, It is the rider of the pale horse. You see widespread diseases, and bacterial infections and viruses, all of these are the workings of the pale horse and its rider. So until the seasonal located for Corona is passed, it will still be here In fact, it will not leave, no! It will be in the background, just like Malaria came and stayed.

 Let’s continue, now the fifth seal is a brutal one this one is based on the martyrs, those who died for the sake of the Gospel. The evil done to them will be paid to the Earth because their blood cry day and night before the JUDGE Remember, all we mentioned are seals opened in Heaven, do we see it? IN HEAVEN that’s the source. So if you’re saying God cannot kill, it’s just Ignorance that’s your problem there are many things you don’t know. Now I don’t want to dwell on the fifth seal, I’ve discussed it here with us, let’s go to the sixth. Now this sixth seal is terrible, this one is weather conditions, cosmic disturbances. Avalanches, Tsunamis, Nature going haywire!!! Nature goes crazy, Massive floodings!! Great winds and hurricanes, Great heat of the sun burning people, Hails and snowstorms, Lightning and electric shocks on a global level due to great uncontrollable rainfalls.

When you see a statement “and the moon became as blood” Please, it’s not literal, It’s a metaphor, where are my literature people? It means even the torrents of the moon will kill people. How? Do you know that the moon rises tides of a sea-level? What causes water to rise beyond sea level is due to the moon. So that’s what that place means, then it becomes tsunami that now kills people, which is Blood, so it’s not a direct statement John made there!! It’s literary it doesn’t mean literal stars will fall from the sky! Stars are bigger than the Earth by size, so how will they fall here? ‍ It’s good to be learned because you see them tiny up there? Those are not even stars, those are light particles generated from the sun, leftovers, so when the sun is gone, those particles become visible, I don’t want to go there now, I knew this even as a teenager I study very wide and voraciously.

So all of these natural cosmic disturbances, we already see them, it kills people, claim lives, the sun darkened and as sackcloth is not talking about the eclipse,  It’s a literary term, Eclipse is a natural coincidence that rarely even happens, Sackcloth is a symbol of Mourning, So it means the sun will cause changes and severe weather conditions that will kill many, that’s what it meant by the sun shall be darkened as sackcloth of hair. It is not saying the sun will become black, High levels of dehydration that will cause drought. They will happen and nothing we can do to stop it, you’ll only be safe if you’re in His good book. The source is HEAVEN, it is not Satan, Satan doesn’t have much power, let’s stop hyping the idiot!

 Now verse 15 reveal show that the kings and wise men of the Earth will have no solution to these happenings which has begun already, they will cry and no help, Research and do all kinds of survey and humanity will be left begging! That is when men will recognize a being called GOD when they’ve come to the end of themselves, it’s already happening, it’s not something far fetched, Verse14 happened in his vision, it doesn’t mean heaven will pass away, it means the judgment of God will be SATISFIED, Which is why we see pass away like a SCROLL. When a scroll is fulfilled, it passes away or comes to pass. Hope we see this? Good! So until the wrath of God is satisfied, it won’t stop.

 Now look at 16 very well, you now see that the source is from Heaven, from He who sitteth on the Throne and from the Lamb, The WRATH of the Lamb, even Jesus has Wrath they will do everything to want to defeat what comes to them, but all to no avail. They won’t even know it’s the wrath of God, How will they know? ‍ But they’ll come up with schemes and research on the sun to help stop her tormenting heat, but all their man-made things will fail them. They won’t escape it So that’s the end of chapter 6, Hope we understood it PERFECTLY?

Tomorrow will be chapter7

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