The Reality Of A Spiritual Gatekeeper ( part 2)

 This is the continuation of The Reality Of A Spiritual Gatekeeper ( part 1)

This is how it works practically, so now it depends on which company of watchmen are WISER, haha Yes! The wiser ones succeed, not the greater ones! what did Jesus say? He said the children of darkness are wiser than those of Light. The success of a Civilisation in a Territory is about a battle of wisdom, not strength. Light is far more powerful than darkness but darkness rules here, why? It is because the watchmen of Light are not wise. This is a pure legality case! If spirits can come here without man, they won’t meet man, so Jesus revealed that darkness rules our Territory because sons of darkness are wiser, they know the art of a watchman, they know the skill, the Sacrifice, they give themselves to it, they can lose their children for it.

Have you ever seen a witch succeeding? Haha, they will kill all their children because of it, as the spirits make demands, that’s sacrifice. Sacrifices cannot be taken out if you must be relevant with spirits, you think witches hate their kids? Haha, no mother hates her child! No way. If you see a mother kill her child, something heavy is at stake, something she deems of greater importance is at stake, Christ is the strongest spiritual reality in the universe. If it is by strength, then it will be Christ that will already be ruling? But no, it’s not by strength, even Jesus knew! It is by WISDOM.

The ability to legislate, this is why He said those of darkness are wiser because they understand how to create a passageway for darkness to be embodied here, so it’s not the Survival of the fittest, that’s not the game! The game of spiritual Civilisation is survival of the wisest, why is it that way? Let me explain

Now, Remember I said no spiritual Civilisation can manifest here without a man, so this is a law that puts man in the equation and so because the availability of a man is what will make a spirit’s Civilisation seen here, that man would have to be wise in the art of engaging and embodiment, so even if in the world of spirits God is stronger, in the physical reality, He may not be seen at all, Why? Because man is in the equation. It depends on man to make Him known, to reveal His supremacy in the invisible dimensions here in the visible realm.

God is supreme in the invisible realm,  every spirit know, even Satan, Satan trembles at the feet of God, he knows God is supreme but in the visible realm, He can’t show His Supremacy if man is not involved God doesn’t have dominion over the Earth, so it depends on if the men under God are WISE and can make Him supreme here the way he is Supreme in the world of spirits, it’s a battle of Wisdom. This is what sons of light lack, WISDOM, and Jesus attested to it, we think we can cry to God for Him to come, haha. He has no right to come, we’re His ladder here, you think you’re the only one with burdens? Even witches are given burdens as signals from spirits.

They engage theirs, while you throw yours away because of Telenovela, the walk with spirits is a walk of constant sacrifice. You call witches old fashioned because they avoid every organism of distraction, you don’t know they’re very wise, haha, you’ll see a witch, no TV, no smartphone because she knows they’ll distract her and excuse to engage burdens from spirits.

If you say you walk with God and no sacrifice, you’re a liar! Sacrifice is proof you walk with a spirit, this one’s not Christian law, it’s a general principle guiding spirits, Yes it applies! “Lift up your heads o ye Gates and be thou lifted up, tell everlasting doors and the King of glory will come in”….We’re the everlasting doors and gates. This is a cry for AWAKENING, For the King to come here, we have to rise! See I’m not teaching this thing for knowledge sake, God forbid!

I t’s not for you to know new things you never knew but to become a responsible Lightworker if you don’t become one, everything we do here is RUBBISH. It will count as nothing before the Father, this platform will have no heavenly relevance, so I’m not here to educate you, far from it, there are many people on my neck, what they want is education, to know new things, not that they want to engage It and be responsible sons, no! They just want to get heady I know their hearts and I  ignore them! Whatever we do is to make responsible and wise sons, not knowledgeable sons.

Now, do you understand why darkness thrives here overlight? Darkness was defeated by CHRIST, He made a public show, it was announced in the Universe, “JESUS IS LORD! ! ! ” but look at the earth literally, it’s as though darkness never had a wound, why? It’s because it’s not the battle of the Lorded, hehe, or a battle of the fittest. It’s a battle that involves men. Men occupy the integral equation as long as Earth is concerned, due to his dominion, if man wasn’t in the equation, Jesus will be Lord on the Earth as He is in the spirit, it will happen the same time! Why is Creation not crying for Jesus? Jesus cannot help it, yes! It’s crying for the AWAKENING of sons in Wisdom.

 I hope you understand the laws and the equations now, If you want to be a functional watchman, you must be wise, a wise watchman knows how important his burdens are, He doesn’t joke with it. Burdens given to you is simply Earthly permission to Heavenly intervention, If you’re not wise with burdens, Heaven will not interfere. Burdens are not only manifested through prayer, no! That’s just a pathway, Do you know it’s a burden that will make a man raise a brothel? Because he had a dream of opening one, he had burdens towards it, he believes the dream is normal, not realizing it’s an alarm from a dark spirit that wants to do business in that Territory. The alarm sounded in his dream, then he takes it up as an idea and works towards it with everything he has, Money, everything, then he actualizes his so-called idea that’s a working of a burden so it’s beyond prayer.

To Be Continued

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