The Reality of a Spiritual Gatekeeper

A gatekeeper is one who allows for a Civilisation to have entered into a community, so gatekeeping is the same as Priesthood. Everyman is a gatekeeper, Default GATEKEEPERS, a gate is an entrance point, I once said man is both the gate and the gatekeeper. If you follow my teaching on priesthood, you will be used to this term, I’m going to reveal very practical things here! Very  very practical things that work with us that we didn’t even know about.

Now the reason we see Civilisations that are not of earthly origin gaining EMBODIMENT in the Earth realm is because there’s an entry point Spirits have found an entry point, a legal door, a legal everlasting door, and that door is man! If man was only a gate, it means he will only be an entry point, but a toy in the hands of spirits. Spirits will “use” him but he is also a gatekeeper because he can decide to allow the Civilisation of that spirit to work through him or not.

So God CANNOT use you, no! You’re a GATEKEEPER, you’ll have to engage His Reality for it to flow through you, He won’t force it out of you, this is a LAW! It is legal and normal for a man to embody the Civilisation of Spirits, whether they know it or not. It is an already working reality irrespective of your ignorance, I once talked about FOOTHOLDS. FOOTHOLDS that demons work with is a result of man ENGAGING that demon, yes! He may not even know he engaged that demon, Ignorance!   As long as you have a property that bears the seal of a spirit, it means you have accepted or have dealings with that spirit and you’re already working with that spirit whether you know or not.

Spirits don’t invade men! No, it’s men who are ignorant of how spirits operate. It’s men who are IGNORANT of how they sign undertaking to work for a spirit as GATEKEEPERS, you don’t even have to do it consciously as in, “I want to work with you, come to me” no! God disturbs you because you have his property in you, that’s how spirits work.

Now let’s look at a witch, a witch is a GATEKEEPER and a gate, I’m talking in terms of a community when you see strange things happening in a community, there are men who make the entrance for such things don’t just invade this realm, no! Now a gatekeeper is also a watchman, how many of us here have had dreams of your community? That community you’re in,  now let me use real examples to explain this so it is brought home to us.

If you had dreams of your community, now that’s an indication that you’re a watchman of that territory, so when spirits want to do business in that Territory, they release a signal into that community that will alert every watchman in that Territory and most cases come via dreams, so even if the spirit is a dark spirit, let’s say he carries the Civilisation of killings, and he sends the signal, even you that is a believer will have dreams that there’ll be murders in that community. Now that signal reaches those who have a watchman soul, I will talk about a category of soul called WATCHMAN SOUL.

Now the signal was sent for the purpose of engagement, so it was not only you that dreamt of that community and what is intended to happen, no! Even the witches dreamt it too, They too have that quality of soul but now to engage that Civilisation, they’re the ones that will engage it, to now make that spirit’s plans and purposes fulfill in that community but you received the signal that a dark plan of death wants to invade that community, and that’s how they’ll now begin to work to fulfill it.

Now the difference between you and them is that you’re of light, and they of Darkness, So you will begin to fast and pray that the spirit of death will not succeed in that Territory, while the dark watchmen will be engaging that Spirit of death to make his desire come there! Now those witches didn’t know too, they got the Revelation as a signal in dreams the same time you did, so they now realize what the spirit wants and they now make themselves available to make it happen, that spirit’s desire will never materialize until those watchmen work as GATEKEEPERS.

This is why you now see witches meeting in covens, they do such meetings to open the gate of that Territory for the spirit’s desire to be manifested, that is the company of dark watchmen, their company is called COVEN, so their work is always territorial and not towards a single person.

Now if an ignorant believer sees this, kai! He/she will conclude that you’re possessed, you’re evil, go for Deliverance. Now I laid a foundation as to why that happens, did you see the foundation laid here? Let me talk extensively on this, now in a community there area company of watchmen, they belong to ONE cloud called WATCHMEN whether they’re of light or darkness. This is why a dark spirit will release a signal in the Territory that he wants to do business there.

The watchmen will pick the signal because they’re the ones who can do the business and that signal will even be picked by a believer who is a watchman too, why? Because you all belong to one COMPANY, just like a general house in the same vein, when God wants to do business in that same Territory, like bring revival that will terminate prostitution He releases the signal, the watchmen will pick it, including the witch, in your dreams, you’ll get the signal of what God wants to do. The company of dark watchmen will FIGHT it because they received the signal too.

To Be Continued

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