The Reality Of A Spiritual Gatekeeper(3)

 This is the continuation of The Reality Of A Spiritual Gatekeeper(2)

A man is a functional watchman, even in his Ignorance, haha, that spirit now gets a legal throne in that Territory via that brothel, you now see men subscribe to it and increase the influence of sexual Immorality in that Territory. The spirits begin to take more grounds until he becomes a ruler in that Territory that spirit’s desire would have been nothing if that man didn’t engage his burdens. This is just how it works, Look at this platform, for example, This is a display of a burden in my heart a need to raise sons in the paths of wisdom a need in Father’s Heart I picked it then raised a system and now Father’s desire is coming to pass via this platform. This is an example of a functional son, a responsible one, Yours can be by prayer because you were consistent with prayer, God could gain legal rights to manipulate a case because of your consistency in prayer.

 Many are waiting for a mood or a feeling to submerge them to pray, haha keep waiting it doesn’t come every time God releases those things for babes Mature watchmen are DELIBERATE. Even without a feeling, they know they have to attend to His Burden. So they force themselves to pray and maintain CONSISTENCY  that’s how you know a DELIBERATE watchman that knows what he’s doing, He doesn’t wait for quickening energy to pray, He knows there’s a need to pray So that need carries him and he’s consistent with it. The reason believers are not consistent with prayer is that they have not seen the need behind it. That simple! No two ways, if you understand the need, oh my! There’s no excuse for why you weren’t consistent!

No matter what It’s because you didn’t see the need if you saw the need, then you’ll realize no excuse will stop you from being consistent, that excuse that made you lose your consistency has more need than the burden! That’s it! It has more need to you than the burden, that’s why it’s an excuse, See, there are depths of walk you will have with God, you’ll live your life like this If you have not reached that stage, you’ll only agree to this because you’re guilty, but no change It’s not something you decide to do, no! It’s something that functions on an UNDERSTANDING you have about God. If you do this by sheer determination, you will tire out soon, hahaha.

 Some will be sparked up by thus message now and be like, “kai! No, I must be consistent” after two weeks of consistency, it’s all gone! Why?? Because by strength shall no man prevail in the dealings of spirits. You need an understanding!! Very important and that happens as you walk with God It is the understanding that will make you STAY till you see His will manifest as He showed you. Stay in the posture of prayer there are still those who pray for Nigeria even with all the “no hope” situations Yes! Why? Because they have an understanding.

Anyone moving by sheer determination would have given up hope since on this country “Nigerian of it good again” theories, those who need a feeling or quickening to pray would still be waiting for it. It is those with understanding that will STAY till it happens, so all of these are incident on your level of walk with God, so this message may not be relevant to you now, yes! But as you grow in understanding you will know it. The Lord doesn’t grant you understanding when you say, “Lord, grant me understanding” no! Understanding comes as you walk with Him, we’ll always pray amiss if we don’t understand many things.

 We’re on a journey okay? So we won’t rush, don’t rush your walk with God, I was once ignorant though my growth was very fast because of the nature of my heart. So you see, witches work with owls and cats why?  Because they’re territorial, witches too are territorial, so it’s an animal version of their reality. It doesn’t mean owl is a satanic animal, it’s a creature of God, the same one who made you. In fact, I love owls, very beautiful creatures, every time I see them, I wonder I learned many mysteries just seeing them. Owls can turn their head 360°, you guys will understand soon, I won’t say anything about that.

Now their ability to turn their heads 360° reveals that nothing escapes their coverage, they know what’s happening behind them, on all corners even above. They can turn their heads in all directions, they also stand on cliffs, high places and watch the terrain. You can never see a whole walking on the ground, Even eagles sometimes walk on the ground.  Owls will stand on branches, they love height, Owls have big eyes, eyes that can capture the smallest movement of an ant far away from it.

 These are the abilities of an owl amongst others, I’m not mentioning. This reveals territoriality, you know people who dream that something will happen in a land before it happens?? They are WATCHMEN. They see the slightest movements before it takes form, their coverage is territorial. This is how witches are too, this is why love they owls. The concentrating capacity of an owl is powerful.

If you look into the eye of an owl, you will get lost, the way it will concentrate at you, you’ll get scared, you’ll sense it can see your soul, I want us to continue tomorrow I will talk further on how to set alarms in a territory or get signals I’ll basically reveal the gadgets available for watchmen Yes, there are gadgets and they’re already at work, just that you don’t know, you don’t know how to read it

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