Gatekeepers-setting Alarm Systems in Territories


Good day, Now we learn to become responsible to be able to handle spiritual responsibilities, you can be a highly called personality in the Kingdom, but lack responsibility because you don’t know many things, so these things are not for knowing sake. It’s to make personal research as well by the Spirit, using teachings here as a foundational springboard, I assure you, you’ll see yourself fly and Excel in God.

 Today we’re continuing with GATEKEEPERS, I won’t spend much time, now we talked a lot about the workings of a watchman and so we have understood why we experience some of the stuff we experience, Now we’re going to talk about alarm systems in TERRITORIES. This is big grammar, but I’ll break it down because it’s something some of us experience, an alarm system is attention seeking, so when alarms turn on, it seeks your attention to alert you of something you programmed to do, so when you dream of impending danger unfolding in your community, that’s an alarm system. These things turn on because of what you are in that Territory.

 Now let’s say you want to know when a spirit will breach a community, maybe you’re hunting down a spirit, it is simple, now this may sound deep but it’s just normal knowledge that you don’t just know. Let me lay a Foundation before Ienter this place, have you had times where you just feel bad for no reason, you were okay seconds ago, and your mood just changes instantly, and it stays a long while, you’re wondering what the matter is, then after some minutes you hear that your hubby was involved in a car crash and almost died, now what happened there? That’s an alarm system construct. You didn’t set the alarm, but your tie with your hubby set the alarm by default, you know when he’s in trouble even when he’s far from you.

 So alarm systems can be used for snooping on people, yeah but I won’t teach that it’s unfair, some also use to feel an urge topoo or a kind of sinking fear down my spine, it means there’s danger. Now, these are alarm systems that have diverse meanings and applications, you know how alarm systems work by default. Now I want to enter into how to literally set it and I’ll also reveal how to read alarm messages sent to you like the case where you just feel bad for no reason and you want to know why.

 There’s a way to know why, now in a Territory, there are FOCAL points or portals through which spirits gain access. Follow me o, for example, in your community, there are brothels there, what you see is a building but that building is a portal, a wormhole or portal or gangway by which spirits of sexual Immorality gain legal access. Those are focal points, if you want to be a successful watchman, you must know the TERRITORIAL mapping. Just like the world map, does the world look EXACTLY like the map? No, but with the map, you can know locations in the world, that’s a mapping system. A pilot doesn’t just fly a plane in the sky, hope we know? He follows a coordinate, if he doesn’t follow the coordinates, he will miss the road, if he wants to go to Brazil, he will find himself in Israel, in the same vein, that your community has a mapping system. 

What you see physically is buildings, but if you know the mapping system of that Territory, you will see beyond buildings, so people who just see buildings are deceived. They’ll just enter a house and believe it’s an ordinary house, not realising it’s a dark portal where demons do business, now look at your community. Watch out for centres where evils practised, do you see them? Like bar centres, brothels, E.T.C What you see is a building ut if you check the map of that community by spiritual software, what you’ll see is dark spots on those buildings, you’ll realise it’s a portal for dark spirits to do business.

 So they’re beyond buildings, they’re portals, Portals men engage and are swallowed up by Immorality, and they believe they entered a building. Now if you don’t understand territorial mapping, you won’t know this but now you know. You want to set alarm in that Territory so that you will get updates of spiritual activities happening around that place. First is find the portals or gateways into that community. The portals are those buildings used for evil. Now find those portals.

 Those buildings are the gates, as you find them if you can just stroll to each of them. Make sure your foot touch the soil, not barefoot necessarily, now I want to reveal why it’s important to go there physically, I know some of you are asking already I will give a biblical backup. Now look at Abraham, when God made a promise to him about inheriting the land of Canaan, God took him for a walk Abraham didn’t just only see, he stepped his foot there and the Lord said. “As far as you can see, I will give to you and your descendants” That wasn’t a vision, that was before he had a fight with Lot I mean the servants, those of Abraham’s and Lot’s. 


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