Gatekeepers-setting Alarm Systems In Territories part 2


Now another example I’ll give, the case of Joshua and Caleb, the twelve spies, they were sent literally into the land of Canaan, they stepped foot there to survey the land. The Land God was deemed to give them as a possession, I have three more examples, but these two are enough. Now, what does this signify??  It signifies PARTICIPATION, it means you want to engage what is on that land. So this is the reason you have to go physically to those places if you want to be serious as a watchman.

 The SOLE of your feet must touch that place,  I’m not saying you must walk barefooted, no! Now you have fulfilled the first part, you will now begin to engage the portal which that Building is. What I mean is open your senses and just discern the atmosphere, understand the operations. Now that’s important I hope you understand what I meant by that? You must understand the nature of engagements happening there.

Now tell yourself that you want to get feedback from what’s happening there! Now see something, every dark reality or dark businesses that happen in a Territory. Let’s say maybe there’s murder happening and before you know it, rape saga increases immediately after murder stop. All these things happen because there are already entry points in that Territory. So spirits just release their Civilisation anyhow because of brothels, bars and other places that are ANTIGOD. So if bad things always happen in a Territory, it’s because of the gates, those buildings of darkness which give legal permission for such to happen.

 Now, this is why it’s important that you set alarms in those dark buildings because they’re the MAIN gateways that sponsor those evils, that’s the headquarters where the main business is done. Those are gates by which dark spirits advertise their Civilisation and men subscribe to, So it’s the right place to set your alarm, so that when they want to make another move, you’ll get the alert, as a watchman! Now, remember that this works in two ways. You can set the alarm yourself and the alarm can just be set on its own, you just get updates and you didn’t make it happen, what I’m teaching is how to make it happen yourself, even if you’re not a watchman, if you do this, you too will get feedbacks because you know the mapping system of that Territory.

 You know the centres and gates that sponsor darkness in that Territory, you can just go there, pray in tongues under your breath, and say, “I set an alarm system here right now so that I can get updates of activities and programmings done in this Territory”  When you set alarm at the gates, whenever darkness want to start a new trend of evil in that community, you’ll know! Most times in your dreams as they’re sending the signal, the alarm you set in that atmosphere or building will pick it and connect straight to you like a WiFi this is a spiritual technology.

 So you’ll just have this sense of foreboding like something is about to happen. Maybe a new trend of rape of 8yr old girls, right now in Kenya, there are many issues of rape and young mothers 11yr olds getting pregnant teenagers, that’s a working of a dark Civilisation from those gates. A Civilisation of sexual vices, If you want to stop it, find those gates check for brothels that’s where the operations come from. That’s the gate where they send the signal from.

The work of a watchman is a deliberate thing, so practically you’ll have to step FOOT on all brothels in Kenya, yes! That’s why is aid it’s deliberate, it will take your time, Nobody will want to do that, it’s tiring but that’s how it’s going to be if it must be stopped, It’s called territorial mapping. You must set alarms on all the known gates all around that Territory, you’ll notice that before any other dark Civilisation is pulled off, you will already know, I’m not saying you should enter there and sit down and order a cup of coffee, just stand outside and around the building, carry that intention of setting an alarm in your mind

 As your foot is there! Just like the twelve spies had the intention of surveilling the land of Canaan as their foot was there as well Haha. This kind of watchman duties you will need other watchmen in other territories to set an alarm system, then y’all be meeting in the coven (same way witches do) to enforce and enact stuff especially in a case of a city setting, cause this case need men, not man. It’s a not alone job. 

Junctions are used to mark boundaries in TERRITORIES right? The end of a street terminates at a junction, so a junction can also be the beginning of another street right? Follow me, This is a pure case of GATEKEEPING and it was WATCHMEN who did that. So when they put that sacrifice at the junction, it means they are giving entrance to a spirit to gain legal expression, the junction is the entrance of a community. So it’s a gate that men recognise.

 So when you see men gather at junctions, they’re erecting a portal and doing business with a spirit, the junction is the entrance of a community and the end of another, so it signifies entrance and departure. You enter through a gate and leave through a gate, so that junction is a gate, this is what many believers don’t understand, to monitor the spiritual atmosphere of that community, you can set alarm at the junctions. For example,e when a strange sickness like cholera breaks out, you’ll already know before it happens, because of the alarm, so you understand how to set alarms right?.

 One day I’ll talk about territorial mapping, how to know the capital city of a nation by spirit mapping I’ve revealed a little here. How can you be ina territory and just be ignorant of what’s happening there! it’s even better you know and keep quiet, than not know at all, you may not be victimised o, but it’s good to know. You see highways, market squares, they have spiritual significance Wella, a market square is a place for business right? It’s where men gather for business, now if you see a sacrifice done there, what does it mean to you? It means spirits are given legal access to do business in that Territory Everyone meets in the market right? You can even see your friend there, you buy and go to your house, that’s a transaction. So it means a spirit has been given legal access to turn that community into their market place. Highway signifies access or feasibility when you see sacrifices on the highway, it means there’s a gate there by which spirits have legal feasibility into a Territory I’ll shapeshifting talk tomorrow. Someone takes the mout, or a mad man eats it, so the deed has been done. That sacrifice is just a SIMILITUDE of kinda inviting the spirit to eat or do business in that Territory.

 You can eat that sweet yam and nothing will happen, the yam is not poisoned, it’s just a physical representation, I’m serious, nothing will happen Well, let me shut it there! Thanks for your audience as usual. Without you, there’s no Kingdom. 


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