The Identity Of A Good Christian


TEXT: HEB. 11:8-12; ROM. 4:13-21; LUKE 16:10-12


A Christian is a person that is born again. John 3:1-7. A person that acknowledges the fact that he is a sinner, that he needs somebody to rescue him and accept the provisions for deliverance walking therein. 1Cor. 2:13-15; Mat.11:28; Titus 3:5. They are also called the true follower of Christ walking according to His instruction. They are known by their marks just as retails are known by their logos or brand name. A Christian’s mark is a reflection of Christ’s love through the relationship he has with Him. When believers live and practice the traits of Christ, their life will reveal their identity. Our mark is His mark. Our identity is blended with His. 1Cor. 6:17.

In this study, we shall look at the character traits of God’s stewards that make up their brand name. One, the traits inspire us to look for Jesus return and two, to do the work entrusted to us as faithful stewards of His truth.

 The following are the identity we shall study. 


2. Loyalty 

3. A clear conscience 


5. Trustworthy 

6. Honesty

7. Individual accountability.

Each of the above characteristics describes a deepening relationship we can have with the one who came to seek and save the lost. The more these qualities are studied, accepted, and used, the deeper they will be rooted in our lives. God’s character of love, in all its dynamics, will become our identity and have an influence on every aspect of our lives, today, and eternally.


The word faithfulness comes from two words, faith and full. Faith means “strong and firm belief in something for which there is no proof”. Heb.11:1. Full means “as much as possible or completely”. In Hebrew, faithful means to trust. Therefore, 

1. Faithfulness is a firm strong belief in something for which there is no as much as possible. 

2. True to the facts, to a standard, or an original.

3. Keeping your promises or doing what you are supposed to do. 

4. Faithfulness means we have been tested and tried and have remained firmly committed to God’s plan.

Faithful is what God is and what we are to become through Him working in us. It is staying true to what we know is right, especially in the heat of spiritual battles. Spiritual conflicts between right and wrong, good and evil, will surely come. They are part of the fight of faith. The decision that marks believers in every situation is the choice to be faithful. 

If you love wealth, be sure to remain faithful to God and what He says about the dangers of the love of money.

If you crave fame, remain faithful to what the word of God says about humility.

If you struggle with lustful thoughts, remain faithful to the promises of holiness.

If you want power, remain faithful to what God says about being a servant of all.

The choice to be faithful or unfaithful is often made in a split second, even if the consequences can be eternal. Example of faithful people in the Scripture

God – Deut. 7:9; 9:5; 1King 8:56; Psalm 89:1; 1Cor. 1:9; Heb.6:18; 1Pet. 4:19.

Christ – 1Thessa. 5:24; 2Thess. 3:3; 2Tim. 2:13; Heb.2:17; 10:23; Rev. 1:5; 19:11 and others;

Daniel – Dan. 6:4; Nehemiah’s treasurers – Neh.13:13; Moses – Heb. 3:5; Workmen under Hilkiah – 2Chro. 34:11-12; Workmen under Jehoiada – 2Kings 12:15; Joseph – Gen. 39:6.

Reward of faithfulness. Mt. 24:45; Luke 19:17; Rev. 2:10; 20:4; Psalm 132:12; 103:17-18; Ex. 19:5; 

Warning of unfaithfulness. Song. 1:6; Isaiah. 5:7; Heb.10:1; Mat. 21:43; 25:24; 25:25; Luke 16:12.

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