Divine Journey – The Correct Approach

TEXT: MATT.25:14-30; LUKE 19:11-26; 


It is of great importance to review our past labor in the kingdom journey and to examine the expectations of the master. This is very important as we await the return of our Saviour that may come any time from now. We should not also forget that our Lord Jesus Christ is coming for a glorious, unblemished, and people without blame. And also worthy of note is the fact that we shall give an account of our journey when our master comes back. As our text had highlighted, He is on a long journey and to come back one day to ask us to answer questions about how faithful we are in what He had committed to us.

Just like the story in our text, Jesus was on a long journey and called as many as made themselves available. Those that answer His call were given money or talents to trade with. He gave the talents in proportion to their ability. A great number of them invested that is the work with what the master gave them but one of them did not. When the master came He asked them to give account. Those that labor correctly was rewarded well while others were condemned.

We shall embark upon the study under the following headings.

The divine Journey – the correct approach

The calling of the servants to walk into divine destination’

The lifestyle of the servants for the divine place

The Expectations of the master about the assignment given to them.

The Assessment of the mater towards the servants.

The judgment of the master on the labourers.

The divine Journey. 

Journey means a gradual passing from one state to another regarded as more advanced. E.g. from innocence to mature awareness. It is the act of traveling from one place to another, especially in a vehicle.  It may be long or short. One may be familiar with the destination or not.  The divine journey is a godlike type of trip that we ought to embark upon to get to where He dwells. His desire is for us to be where He is and so the reason why Jesus was sent to be an example for us in all areas of life. 

To embark upon the journey to meet our savior let us take note of the following:

Think about the journey you want to embark upon. Think about where you are, why you need to embark upon the divine journey, and always think about where you are going. The Bible says as a man thinketh in his heart so he is.

Prepare for the Journey. We shall discuss it later.

 Noah was to embark upon a divine work for Him. He prepared adequately for the journey and the preparation was according to the instructions given to him by God. Gen.6:9-22. At times when you are embarking on a journey, you need light, enough clothing depending on the distance. Watch and prepare well.

Follow the exact road to the destination – heaven. There are several similar roads but not all are correct. There is a counterfeit way, so also you are likely to face intentionally and devilish manipulated way. 

Observes the rules of the journey. Obey all the instructions, rules, and regulations guiding your eternity journey. E.gIsam. 15. &17

Endure the pains of the way. Paul charges to timothy in 11Timothy 2:1-14.  Heb.11:1-39

Do not overuse the comfort, peace, and joy along the line. Moses in Heb.11:24-27, Daniel 1:3-8; Samson in Judges 13 -16

Remain focus by avoiding distractions. Do not be carried away by what is happening along the way. Peter walking on water and was distracted by the wind in Matt. 15: 22-33, Gehazi in 11kings 5, The three Hebrew youths in Daniel 3, Elisha in 11kings 2

Patiently pass through the ups and downs. Paul and Jesus.2Cor. 6:3-12 & Jesus in Heb.12:1-12

Put on the right garment. Remove the old and put on new.  David 1Sam. 17; Col.3:5-11; Phil.3:17-21

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