Contemporary Social Vices: The Christian View


TEXT: ROMANS 1:18-27; PHILLIPIANS 4:8,9; 1PETER 1:6-11

Since the fall, Adam and all generations after him have become easily influenced by evil imaginations and actions. Through the ages past, mankind has shown evil traits in many different ways. Man himself has a sin-generating mind. He can generate or create sin and sinful entertainment. Sin, in itself, is inexhaustible. Man’s craving for evil and vices are insatiable. He ever craves for innovation of sin. Therefore, the contemporary believers – all categories, ages, educations, and illiterates restricted and free – have some newly devised set of evils. 


Contemporary social vices are present-day evil practices in our society. (Gen.6:5) Since the flood, the heart of man has always been evil. God saw the whole imagination of the thoughts of man’s heart, every day, every year, every moment. He hardly does that which good. Such is the orientation and profile of mankind. Such were men before God brought the flood upon the earth. Strangely, the Scriptures do not give us a reason to think otherwise of believers today. 

The mind of the modern-day believers is sin – generating machine. An increase in technology means an increase in evil. With the advent of TV, Video, mobile phone, the computer, and the internet their potential for conveying thoughts in picture, color, or language motion is accompanied by increased engagement in sinful entertainments and pleasures. The TV, for instance, impresses some vices on the mind of believers and makes light of violence, hooliganism, murder, moral perversion, and assault. Therefore, to live a victorious Christian life today, we must seek the Lord daily for His grace and strength.


ROM.1:29.30; Micha 2:1-3; James 4:4; 1JOHN 2:15-27; DET.22:5; GEN.1:1-6. 

Misuse of drug or addiction to it, a practice found among teenagers and students in schools is a vice that ranks very high in contemporary times. Some freely say that scripture does not say anything about drugs. Yes, but it does warn us against defiling or, in modern usage, destroying the temple of the Holy host which we have in us. 1Cor. 6:19,20.

The uses of drugs affect the life of its users heavily. Hard drugs inflame the mind, sedate the heart, and make the soul feel “high”. Its end is more dangerous and deadly than the beginning. It leaves its victim a wretch and a danger to others. 

Cultism. This is prevailing among students generally today. Cults, these days, pretend to be a social club but when its activities are closely examined, it is revealed as the breeding ground of all contemporary vices – wildlife, drug addiction, and immorality. In recent times, weapons like ammunition, machetes, spears, and arrows are found among members of cults in our schools and they possess a great danger to lives and properties.

Betting and Pools-staking. The bottom line and motive is covetousness. An attitude of getting – rich – quick and laziness is the driving spirit behind this practice. It is sad to see this creep into the midst of some believers having claimed to be converted.

Examination malpractices. This has reached some level because students and some parents are desperate to excel without corresponding input of labor and diligence. It looks as if this vice has come to stay and has become a burden to the constituted authority who has fear of God. Its permanency therefore does not make it right and it remains essentially evil and vicious.

Pornography. The evil sight that stirs up the base nature of man through pornography has a demonic hold on youths and believers. Illegal sensual pleasure is basically sinful. 

Lesbianism and homosexuality. These are rampant among students in boarding schools and higher institutions. Some of them are found in the religious circle particularly among believers in Christ.

Sensational music. This in the past was exclusive to sinners in brothels and pleasure – madhouses but has now been brought to the church. The most church has lost the solemnity, inspiration, freshness, and refreshing that comes with God-glorifying music in the Bible. From old, music has always been a spiritually and edifying medium. Col.3:16. David’s songs and playing on the harp had a great spiritual and soothing impact on Saul. Elisha called for a minstrel under whose ministration he received inspiration.2kings 3:15. Indeed, hymn – singing is a great inspiration to those who preach; just as good singing and music precede most of our preaching today. Believers are besieged by rock and roll, noisy music, drumming, and tunes which are very much akin to those that obtain in heathen shrines. Secular music has a strong appeal which makes the mind stray away from the kingdom. We must reject it outrightly. 

The use of Slang and gutter language. Col.4:6. Christian language, like salt, should do five things. First, it should sweeten, edify the heart, and the mind of the hearers. Second, it should purify, not defile or offend. Third, It should preserve the hearers from decay and spiritual decomposition. Fourth, it should be pervasive in its influence, no matter how few the words are, just as a pinch of salt would pervade a whole meal. Fifth, it should be known for its characteristics. Eccl.5:3. The Christian’s use of slangs sourced from brothels, drug addicts, “heroes” in boxing, sports, and theaters cannot make him minister to sinners. Matt.15:14.

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