How To Know False Knowledge In Christianity


Text: Colossians 2:1-8


Paul the Apostle warns us to be on guard against all philosophies, religions, and traditions that emphasize humans functioning independently from God and His written revelation.

Today, one of the greats philosophical threats to Christianity is “secular humanism”. 

What does the philosophy of humanism teach?

 1. It teaches that humanity, the universe, and all that exist consist only of matter and energy shaped into their present form by impersonal chance.

 2. It teaches that humans have not been created by a personal God, but are the product of a chance process of evolution.

 3. It rejects belief in a personal, infinite God and denies the Bible as God’s inspired revelation to the human race and many more.

The philosophy of humanism began with Satan and is an expression of satan’s deception that humanists as those who have exchanged the truth of God for a lie and worshipped and served created things rather than the creator ( Romans 1:25)

Moreover, we must also be careful of wrong doctrines in Christendom today. It is worthy to note that many magicians, soothsayer, and devil incarnates are masquerading as ‘angels of light’ ( Matthew 24: 1-3, Luke 21:8)

However, the only way we can be fully on alert is to have the knowledge of Christ himself – which we can only get through constant studying of the word of God and through the help of the Holy Spirit.


The devil will appear as the angel of light to deceive many. (2corinthians 2:11), empty deceit and principles of this world, hence, we must stand firm in the truth which is Jesus Christ.

Food For Thought

Beware of false knowledge, the only through knowledge is in Christ Jesus. Seek it.

What have you learned personally from this lesson?

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