The Biblical Pattern For Prayer And Fasting Part 2

TEXT: LUKE 11:1-13; Esther 4:1-17; James 5:13-18  M/V: Matt. 17:21

Examples of people who observed prayers and Fasting in the Bible.

Moses – Ex. 34:25; (2)  Ahab  – Ikings 21:27 (3) Ezra – Ezra 10:6

4.   Daniel – Dan. 10:3 (5) Christ – Luke 4:2 (6) Paul – Acts 9:9

7.   The Antioch Church leaders – Acts 13: 2 (8) Paul and Barnaba’s Acts 14:23. All of the above-observed fasting and prayers according to pattern and received answer from God. When we also observe it in line with God’s command we shall get a result, an even greater result.

Conditions for answer and hindrances to prayers and fasting. Jer. 29:11-14; 33:3; 2Chro. 7:14; John 14:13,14; Psa. 91:14, 15.

Various passages of the scripture radiate with God’s promises to answer prayers Psa. 91:15; Luk. 11:9; John 14:13, 14. The only form of prayers that God answers must be offered to one, the Father-Matt. 6:6, John 16:23; two, Through the Lord Jesus Christ – John 16:23,24; Matt. 18:20. We are therefore enjoined to One, pray continually in faith – Mk. 11:24. Two, wholeheartedly – Jer. 29:13. Three, with forgiving spirit – Mk. 11:25. Four, with perseverance – Lk. 18:1. Five, in righteousness and obedience – I Tim. 2:8; IJohn 3:22. 

There are no hand and fast rules as to the proper posture to assume before we can pray to our Father in Heaven. These are various positions as reveals in the Bible. One, bowing down, bowing the knees or head(Psl. 95:6; Rom. 14:11, Ex.4:31). Two, falling one’s face, kneeling (Ikings 8:54). Three, standing, sitting, lying, looking up or lifting up or spreading out the hands (ITim. 2:8, Ex.9:29. Four, others include weeping, talking, agonizing, and groaning.

To avoid distraction, you close your eyes. So that you can fully concentrate on God. Note that, praying and fasting without repentance and salvation from sin is a waste. It is a waste to observe prayer and fasting, one, without transformation of life and characters. Two, without righteousness.Three, Holiness. Four, disobedience Deut. 1:43, 45. Five, secret sin – Psl. 66:18. Six, neglect of mercy – Prov. 21:13. Seven, stubbornness – Zec. 7:13. Eight, bloodguiltiness – Ish. 1:15. Nine, doubt – Jam. 1:6&7. Ten, self – indulgence – James 4:3.

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