Christian Liberality And Benefits

Christian Liberality And Warning Against Self Deception.

 Text: psalm 126:5,6; job 4:8; hosea 8:7; 1cor. 6:9; james.2:15-17; 1john 3:17, 18; romans 2:4-6.


Christian liberty and beneficence in general, towards the gospel minister is here compared to the seed sown and the harvest obtained. likewise, the eternal destiny of every man is anchored upon the present input to his flesh or spirit. Christians of all ages are expected and commanded to support the gospel work through giving. “but to do good and communicate forget not: for with such sacrifices god is well please”. heb. 13:16.


Believers are to realise that every gold of theirs belong to god and must not be kept away from him. Christians are therefore, to submit themselves to god and be willing to give with heart glowing with gratitude and loving confidence that god will not forget their labor of love. they should know that the reason god places materials blessings in their hands are to promote his kingdom on earth. we are stewards of god’s manifold blessings, god owns us and all that we have.


Some Christians shun giving in the church for various reasons. one, they follow the example of carnal members in the church. two, some feel that the demands are too many and too frequent. three, others fell that people take advantage of their liberty to begin to make personal demands from them. four, few also feel their liberality is not acknowledge and rewarded by men. five, there are those who fail to recognize the true purpose of Christian giving.


The purposes of Christian giving are one, to sustain the ministry. two, support the weak and the needy members. three, subdue human greed. four, supply seed for the future.five, open doors for divine blessings especially to members of the household of faith.

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