The Anomalies To Avoid In Marriage


The Spirit Meat Daily Devotional Guide 12-12-2020


Text: I Timothy 2:12, Matthew 18:19

By Rev. Olusola & Rev. Oyenike Areogun 

6. Lack of agreement and settlement by concession will bring about a compromise, which will affect your marriage negatively and also open you to the attack of the devil. Agreement is what God designed for a Christian home, not compromise (Matthew 18:19). You need to agree on every matter and not get into compromise. Compromise means ‘I give up something, and I stay in the middle of the road’. This means there is no agreement on the matter. 

Understand that marriage is not a business partnership that is a win-win relationship. In business, profit is shared based on the contribution of the shareholders. Marriage is such that the husband is lost in the wife and the wife is lost in her husband, each giving all to the other. If a couple can’t trust each other to say everything they have is theirs jointly, there is a problem.

7. Another critical point to consider is that a woman should not have authority over the man or the home (1 Timothy 2:12). As a man, if your wife will not be ahead of you in spiritual things or teach you, you need to develop yourself to function in headship without hypocrisy. A man is the head and should do more than what the wife is doing. Sensitive organs such as the eyes, mouth, ear, and nose are in the head, so as a man, you must be more sensitive than your wife.

Wisdom should flow from a man as the head of the home. If your wife is arguing with you on every matter, you are not leading by wisdom. Wisdom will make a woman to be in silence and submit to your headship.

PRAYER: Lord, baptize me with the spirit of wisdom to function correctly in my marriage.

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